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My Story

I am the wife of a supportive and attentive husband (who is a carpenter/handyman by trade), a mother of five beautiful children, a dental hygienist, an ordained priestess, certified Usui Reiki master practitioner and teacher, Seichim Reiki Master, IET (angelic energy) practitioner, Crystal Therapy practitioner, and Spiritual Director. My passion is to help others heal themselves. Reiki, Seichim, IET - along with the other natural healing elements that I utilize - promote stress reduction and deep relaxation so that the body may have a healthy flow of energy that promotes holistic wellbeing. I would love to share with you how I discovered my current energy healing modalities and the spiritual journey that brought me to where I am now.


I struggled to find my place in the world. I did not know where I belonged or who I was, for that matter. I grew into adulthood with a variety of religious and spiritual experiences and interests: Wicca, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism (though many believe, as I do, that it is not a religion, but a way of life); and Hinduism. Because of my curiosity, spiritual explorations, and interests, I now have a broader perspective on God, humanity, and humanity's shared existence in creation and in God. Yet, I still found it difficult to fully see me- to discover my unique soul-self.

I often felt inadequate and hungered for the approval and acceptance of others. Falling sway to harmful false teachings within the Christian Church (i.e., feelings are deceitful and are not to be trusted, praying for prosperity was evil, the path of suffering was the desired path, and that self-love was a sin), I resisted  trusting my own feelings, developing my intuition, and investing time, money, and much needed love into myself and my family. I frequently prioritized the happiness, comfort, and prosperity of others; and I devalued things that were vital to the expansion and well-being of my ancestors, my family, and myself. Thank God and my higher self that I saw the light! The Reiki light!


I was (and still am) a worshipper and lover of the Divine. I preached sermons on what it means to be human in relation to God, self, others, and creation. I was an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church. I became a pastor. I graduated with a Master of Divinity from Northeastern seminary. I created an online spiritual presence. Yet there were unprocessed feelings that I needed to address if I was to find inner peace and happiness.

During my time of seeking, I connected with the Divine, my higher self, and my spiritual guides. I knew that it was time for me to focus my attention on my own healing and growth. Without healing myself, how could I help others to heal themselves? I had unprocessed feelings from childhood trauma, so I turned to a hypnotherapist for help. I gave myself permission to follow my intuition. It was the right decision.


While in regression therapy with the hypnotherapist, I brought healing to my wounded inner child which allowed for a bad habit that I struggled with for most of my life to begin to collapse- it no longer had feet to stand on. It no longer served a purpose because it stemmed from the feelings of being unloved, unaccepted, and not valued. Those feelings were false and limiting beliefs. They paralyzed me from living in freedom, from being myself, and living the life that I was meant to live; and I began the process of learning to deeply love, accept, and value myself. Loving, accepting, and valuing myself seemed to stand in stark contrast to much of the Christian teachings that programmed my inner voice, way of thinking, and way of living and being in the world. Reading several books by Buddhist and metaphysical authors, and incorporating perspectives on life from other religions, friends, and acquaintances assisted me in my healing journey and afforded me the enlightenment I needed to begin to undo years of limiting and false beliefs.


That energy shift allowed my true self to come into view and I learned to appreciate, accept, and love her. She is more than adequate and she does not need anyone's approval to be who she is. I want her to experience peace, happiness, and joy - and to know that she is supported and loved.

I want my clients to also experience the peace, happiness, and joy that self-love and self-acceptance can bring! 

There are some moments where new triggers cause those old false beliefs of being unloved, unaccepted, and not valued to return - and the habit tries to regain strength. However, I now know how to process those feelings, address the triggers, and heal myself with self-care and self-love practices.

I am more than happy to share those self-love practices with you! 

Healing is a journey to be embraced and maintained. Healing does not often occur quickly, but gradually over time. However, I have witnessed immediate and quick healings. We have the power to heal ourselves. We can also be a source of healing for others. I am grateful for the many healers in my life, and I am grateful for those whom I may be a channel of universal life-force healing energy. We need each other. We are all connected. We heal in community. We are one.


After learning to process my unresolved feelings, I had a strong desire to manifest the life that I wanted without worrying about what others would think. I began to speak and visualize what I wanted for myself and my family, and I imagined the feelings I would have about that life.

Words and visualizations backed with intention and action have creative, transformative power.

I spoke words of prosperity and wellbeing over myself, I visualized a happy, peaceful life for myself and my family, and I took steps in that direction. In doing so, I discovered Reiki. Was it a coincidence that I discovered Reiki after setting out to have a peaceful existence that brings happiness? No. It was meant to happen. There are no coincidences; it was part of my life's plan.


I became trained in the ancient healing art of Usui and Seichim Reiki, as well as Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) so that I might be a channel of loving and supportive healing energy for others.  I want others to experience the freedom and healing that I am experiencing. The energy that I experienced during my Reiki and IET training created a powerful energetic shift within me. A current of vibrant, swirling energy funneled into me through the top of my head and filled my being-  it was almost more than I could withstand. The Divine was present. The energy comes from Source. Also present were large, towering angelic beings and many other smaller angels who acted as guides for the influx of energy and offered their encouragement and support.

My concept of the Divine, in that moment, became more glorious than what it had previously been. The Divine is larger than the plethora of Church denominations, religions, doctrines, or any of the different types of boxes in which humans may try to contain the awesome and mysterious power and greatness of God. I resigned from being an elder in the Free Methodist Church. It no longer was a fit for me. I am now an ordained priestess in the Order of Melchizedek where I am free to allow my inner child to explore, play, and be happy - to be who I am - deeply and completely. I want that for others too.


It is my life's plan to help bring healing to those who who want an energy shift, who need inner healing, who desire a healthier, happier, and more peaceful existence, who want to achieve their goals, manifest their intentions, and discover who they are and their soul purpose. For those reasons, I am continually seeking, learning, and practicing healing modalities that are new to me and that will assist my soul-purpose and help others to heal themselves.

I marvel knowing that everything and everyone is connected in this elaborately constructed matrix of the conscious electric universe in which we exist (in the past, present, and future), and my spirituality and concept of life continues to expand. Being led by the Divine and my intuitive higher self, and guided by angels, I opened my energetic healing business, Tranquil Heart. Energetic treatments (e.g., Reiki, IET, positive affirmations, crystal and sound therapy, guided meditations, self-love practices, focused intentions, and spiritual direction) offer clients loving and supportive universal life-force energy that is needed for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Let us connect and develop a treatment plan together that will assist you on your healing journey. I look forward to meeting you.


Reiki treatment room.

Seeking to Include Reiki into Your Holistic Wellness Practice?

I am currently seeking opportunities to collaborate with others in the field of holistic wellness (e.g., acupuncturists, acupressurists, massage therapists, chiropractors, yoga instructors, nutritionists, doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, psychotherapists, functional medicine doctors, music therapists, art therapists, sound therapists, and others) who may be interested in taking an integrative approach to their clients' total well-being. More than one healing modality is often needed to assist a client towards wholeness; it often takes a community. If interested in learning ways in which we might work together to meet your own needs, as well as the needs of your clients; or if interested in having an introductory presentation on the topic of Reiki for your team, clients, or yourself, let's connect! Let us engage our creative imaginations to discover new ways for a healthier and happier future for us all.


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Woman laying on Reiki table receiving Reiki from practitioner.

My Approach

As a Reiki practitioner, I use a gentle hands-on (or hands-off) energy technique while being a conduit for the universal life force energy to reduce the client’s stress and bring deep relaxation so that physical, emotional, and spiritual, healing may occur. Depending on the mutually agreed upon treatment plan, a Reiki healing session may include the use of crystals, sound therapy (tuning forks and singing bowls), essential oils, positive affirmations, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, after-session feedback, and at home self-love practices to assist a client in his or her own self-healing process.

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