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My Story

I am a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner who has a supportive and attentive husband (a carpenter by trade) and five wonderful adult children who are are discerning their souls' purpose. I am also a registered dental hygienist, an adjunct professor at Monroe Community College, certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Seichim Master and Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy®  Master Instructor, and Crystal and Sound Therapist. My passion is to help others heal themselves. Seichim, Reiki, and IET® - along with the other natural healing modalities that I offer promote stress reduction and deep relaxation so that the body may have a healthy flow of energy that promotes holistic wellbeing. I would love to share with you how I discovered my current energy healing modalities and the spiritual journey that brought me to where I am now.


 I struggled to find my place in the world. I did not know where I belonged or who I was. I grew into adulthood with a variety of religious and spiritual experiences and interests: Wicca, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Indigenous Theologies, the sacredness of nature and natural healing medicines, having a holistic lifestyle that address the root causes of disease, intercessory prayer, food as medicine, meditation, positive affirmations, manifestation rituals, and more. Because of my desire to learn and explore who I came here to be, I began to learn my purpose and  have a broader perspective on God, humanity, and humanity's shared existence in creation and in God.


​In the past, I struggled with feeling inadequate and hungered for the approval and acceptance of others. Falling sway to harmful false teachings within the Christian Church (i.e., feelings are deceitful and are not to be trusted, praying for prosperity was evil, the path of suffering was the desired path, and that self-love was a sin), I resisted  trusting my own feelings, developing my intuition, and investing time, money, and much needed love into myself and my family. I frequently prioritized the happiness, comfort, and prosperity of others; and I devalued things that were vital to the expansion and well-being of my ancestors, my family, and myself. Thank God and my higher self that I saw the light!


I am a worshipper and lover of the Divine. I preached sermons on what it means to be human in relation to God, self, others, and creation. But the best sermon is a life that is lived and marked by Love. I was an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church and later, a freelance preacher and pastor. I graduated with a Master of Divinity from Northeastern seminary. Yet there were unprocessed feelings that I needed to address if I was to find inner peace and happiness.​I knew that it was time for me to focus my attention on my own healing and growth. Without healing myself, how could I help others to heal themselves? I did the needed work to help process stored trauma with a qualified regression therapist and I gave myself the love, acceptance, care, and permission to follow my intuition. It was the right decision. 


While in regression therapy, I addressed false and limiting beliefs. They paralyzed me from living in freedom, from being myself, and living the life that I was meant to live; and I began the process of learning value and prioritize  myself and my wellbeing- for years I believed that my life should be marked by martyrism and self-sacrifice to my own detriment. Loving, accepting, and valuing myself seemed to stand in stark contrast to much of the teachings that programmed my conscious and subconscious mind. Broadening my spiritual vision assisted me in my healing journey and afforded me the enlightenment I needed to begin to undo years of indoctrinated false and toxic beliefs.​

I want to guide my clients to heal themselves so they may also experience the peace, happiness, and joy that self-love and self-acceptance can bring when freed from false, toxic subconscious and conscious beliefs! 

​There are times in everyone's lives when new triggers might cause the seeds of bad feelings to rise to the surface. That is why we need to maintain our own healing with the tools that we have been gifted with. Mindful awareness, affirmations, encouragement, the healing energy of the Universe, and the support and help of the Divine, Angels, Guides of light, and Ascended Masters and loved ones are available to help us process those feelings, realign us with our soul purpose, purify our genetic expression, and restore harmony so that we may live whole, happy lives following our soul purpose. ​


Are you facing stress in relationships or other areas of your life? Experiencing a challenging breakup or divorce? How's your overall well-being and emotional state? Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Seeking tools for processing emotions and self-care? Struggling to find purpose or passion? Disconnected from yourself, others, or the Divine? Let's explore self-love practices together and manifest positive change.​


Healing is a journey to be embraced and maintained.  We have the power to heal ourselves. We can also be a source of healing for others. I am grateful for the many healers in my life, and I am grateful for those whom I may be a channel of universal life-force healing energy.

We need each other. We are all connected. We heal in community. We are one. 


Envisioning a peaceful, happy, beautiful, and abundant life, I embarked on a journey that led me to first discover Reiki. It was no coincidence; it was a part of my life's plan, guided by the Divine.​Words and visualizations backed with intention and action have creative, transformative power. ​Was it a coincidence that I discovered Reiki after setting out to have a peaceful existence that brings happiness? No. There are no coincidences; it was part of the Divine plan. 


I became trained in the ancient healing art of Usui Reiki, Seichim, and Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) so that I might be a channel of loving and supportive healing energy for others.  The energy that I experienced when I was first attuned to Reiki level one (the first natural healing art that I was trained in) created a powerful energetic shift within me.

I felt a strong current of vibrant, swirling energy funneling into me through the top of my head. It felt like a tornado of energy! It was almost more than I could withstand. I felt the presence of a large, towering angelic being standing behind me and touching the top of my head as the energy poured into me. The tornado of cosmic energy made my head feel numb and after about what felt like fifteen minutes- to stop the flow of energy- I had to visualize the funnel of energy eventually tapering off and disappearing. Had I not done that, I felt like it could have went on for hours! During my Reiki attunement, I also felt the presence of many other smaller angels who stood next to me as if in support of this initiation to Reiki. It was during this time that I saw a pyramidal symbol that I now use in Seichim attunements to open the Crown Chakra.


​The Divine resists being placed in a box. Though churches, religions, doctrines, and humans may try to contain the awesome and mysterious power and greatness of God; God will not allow it. I resigned from being an elder in the Free Methodist Church. If my creator cannot be boxed in, neither can I. I am one. I am now an ordained priestess in the Order of Melchizedek- a holy order of people who feel called to help humanity wherever they are. I am free to love me and allow my inner child to explore, play, and be happy - to be who she is, to be who I am - deeply and completely.  


I'm dedicated to aiding those seeking an energy shift and yearning for wholeness and happiness, ready to embrace the divine energy I offer for their highest good. It's my calling to support others in fostering and sustaining a desire for a healthier, happier, and more peaceful existence, guiding them to achieve their goals, manifest intentions, and unearth their true selves and soul purpose. To fulfill this purpose, I'm committed to exploring, learning, and mastering new healing modalities that align with my soul's mission to facilitate healing in others.​

Everything and everyone is connected (past, present, and future) in this elaborately constructed matrix of the conscious electric universe in which we exist!​


Being guided by God, I established Tranquil Heart. A home-based healing space for energy wellness. In an energy wellness session, I may combine various healing modalities or elements. For example, a session may include working through steps to transformation (IET®), talk therapy, counseling, Tranquil Heart Soul Readings, crystal and sound therapy, Tranquil Heart Anointing, as well as soul affirmations, guided visualizations, and breathwork. ​I've also developed a series of digital energy wellness after-session guides to enhance clients' healing journey and amplify the benefits of the energy infusion they receive.


As I continue to expand my knowledge and techniques, I integrate new methods into sessions. Let's connect to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to support your healing journey.


I'm eager to meet you and begin this transformative process together!

Seeking to Include Reiki into Your Holistic Wellness Practice?

I am currently seeking opportunities to collaborate with others in the field of holistic wellness who may be interested in taking an integrative approach to their clients' total well-being. More than one healing modality is often needed to assist a client towards wholeness; it often takes a community. If interested in learning ways in which we might work together to meet your own needs, as well as the needs of your clients; or if interested in having an introductory presentation on the topic of energy wellness for your team, clients, or yourself, let's connect! Let us engage our creative imaginations to discover new ways for a healthier and happier future for us all.

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An acupuncturist placing acupuncture needles in someone's body
Massage therapist giving a woman a massage on her back as she lays peacefully on the massage table, with lower body covered with a white sheet.
Clinical therapist or counselor counselling a woman.

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My Approach

As a Reiki practitioner, I use a gentle hands-on (or hands-off) energy technique while being a conduit for the universal life force energy to reduce the client’s stress and bring deep relaxation so that physical, emotional, and spiritual, healing may occur. Depending on the mutually agreed upon treatment plan, a Reiki healing session may include the use of crystals, sound therapy (tuning forks and singing bowls), essential oils, positive affirmations, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, after-session feedback, and at home self-love practices to assist a client in his or her own self-healing process.

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