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Are You Feeling Called in a New Direction?

You are standing there where two paths intersect. You are confronted with a new option. You may continue the path you have been on, but something over there -on the other path -is beckoning you. Being cautious, you consider what you may be giving up if you go in that direction; but you are also curious about what you may discover.

You will be leaving one path that is familiar to you. That path, because it is familiar, feels safe. But you have a feeling that the safe path is not the one that will lead to your ultimate highest good. You consider if it is selfish to let go of the past and the predicted future for the new path that seems unpredictable. However, the possible exploration of it has already aroused a feeling of anticipation for life, ignited a passion within, and sparked a curiosity for the future. As you think about your feelings, you perceive that a higher spiritual purpose is being awakened. Still, you have doubts if you will find success and, once more, you worry about what you may potentially lose.

You stand fixed in place, unable to move one way or the other. Your feet and legs feel heavy. Your heart is telling you to walk the new path that seems mesmerizing, enchanting, magical, mystical, inspiring, healing, and exciting. The logical side of you, however, questions if following that mystical path will support your physical needs. It may not, you conclude. Is that enough reason to stay on the familiar path?

You consider the relationship between the physical and the spiritual and how the latter informs the former. If your physical reality is a manifestation of your spiritual reality, then a spiritual reformation or recalibration will realign your mind with Spirit and your soul, which will reorganize and realign your thoughts, which will realign your feelings, which will realign your body, which will realign you to your soul purpose, advise the life that you live, and enlighten the direction that you take.

So, what will you do? Which path do you find yourself resisting the most? Perhaps you stay on the familiar path that you are presently on. But you are curious about the new option that seems to be calling your name. It feels adventurous and fun. However, you feel like others who have supported you in the past may no longer support you. In fact, you fear their judgement of your decision. It may be more than fear of their judgement of your decision; you may fear their judgement of you. You may also fear self-judgement.

Exploring the new path will cause you to have to release the control that the judgement of others, and that of your own self, has over you. It will require you to nurture yourself and bring healing to yourself. It will require you to let go of all those things that have hindered you from realizing your highest potential in this life. It will require help from Source and guides of light, as well as, bravery, trust, faith, power, and making decisions based on your unique soul purpose for being in this earth.

The more you consider your options, you discern that the path you have been on was good for a time. It was where you were supposed to be. It served its purpose. You take a moment to thank the old path for leading you to where you are now. You appreciate the lessons learned and you recount them. You appreciate others along that path. You appreciate yourself.

You learned much about yourself and others. You learned what you want and do not want. You also learned that we each have our own path, though others may fail to, or decide not to, see it. It is no surprise that you are being beckoned to move in a new direction. You realize it is time to say goodbye to the path that has already been completed, the people who were with you on that path for a time, and even some places and experiences. You feel grief.

You are reminded that grief is natural. You take a moment to feel it in your body. You observe it’s shape, color, size, weight, and location. You breathe. You breathe white, radiant light into your belly and as your belly fills with light, the light encapsulates the grief. As you exhale, the light lovingly and gently draws the grief away with it- traveling out of your body through the soles of your feet into the earth where it is transmuted to pure, positive energy and is repurposed for joy.

You have found your joy. The joy is in the path that is waiting for you. You will rediscover who you truly are at soul level, and be free from the appraisal, assessment, critique, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of others and your previously unaligned self. This is your joy-filled journey of exploration. This is your story of becoming more fully you.

The Spirit welcomes you on this new path and promises to be with you. You feel free and light, and more in sync with who you are, and it feels good. What new things will you discover about yourself? What innate powers will surface? What contributions will you make to others and to the world as you rediscover your soul purpose? You have arrived now for a reason. Be courageous. The path awaits you.

Love and Light,

Rev. Karen Jenkins

*Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Guide

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