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Faith Inspirations

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Many things in our vast universe inspire our faith. Faith may be defined as our beliefs, truths,  and the essential understanding of ourselves, our higher power, and  our place and purpose in the world and cosmos. The following meditation practice may help to bring your faith inspirations into your conscious awareness.

First, create a sacred and comfortable space to visualize and experience the elements in your world that  inspire your faith.

If indoors, you may choose to play soft meditation music in the background, surround yourself with your favorite things - such as crystals, plants, colorful items, pictures, symbols, objects, essential oils, pillows, blankets, etc., light candles, and open a window for fresh air. If outdoors, allow nature to be your sacred canopy.

Next, get in a comfortable position and breathe.

Feel the inhalation and exhalation of your breath. Our lives can be chaotic at times, so taking a moment to simply breath helps to ease anxiety and stress, and settle the mind.

Next, visualize a gold light above your head. As you breathe in, the light enters the top of your head and flows through your central light column nto your belly. As you exhale, the light expands in all directions, infiltrating every cell with it's purifying power.

You are imbued with insight and wisdom as all Chakras begin to harmonize, because of the light. Your connection to your higher self or higher power is open. Your spiritual vision is activated. You are one with the light. In that place of oneness or wholeness, you will bring into awareness the things that inspire your faith, your passion, your happiness, your purpose for being in this life.

Now consider the elements in your life that inspire your faith.

Are there religious symbols or relics that inspire you? Perhaps, flowers or plants, the sound of laughter or musical instruments. Maybe it is the color purple, or the smell of lemons. You may be inspired by thoughts, memories, feelings, experiences, words, people, activities, philosophies, theosopholies, or something else that may be unique to you. Ask your higher self or higher power to bring your faith inspirations to the surface where they may be clearly seen, remembered, felt, or reexperienced.

Finally, allow your faith inspirations to renew your spirit.

If you want, you may record those things in a meditation journal so that you may return to them when you feel out of alignment. Becoming more aware of what inspires your faith may offer you encouragement, motivation, and hope when your energy may feel low or stagnant, reestablish your connectedness to Source, improve relationships, help achieve your goals, and more.

Allow your faith inspirations to do their job of fanning the flame of your passion to be who you are at soul level - your true, whole, unique, happy, harmonious self with unlimited potential.

Faith inspires wholeness.

Light and Love,

Rev. Karen

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