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One Hour ZOOM Distant Reiki Session

Reiki can travel through time and space! Who wants in?

  • 1 h
  • 120 US dollars
  • Distant Reiki online (ZOOM)

Service Description

Distant Reiki is perfect for those who cannot attend an in-person Reiki session. Since Reiki travels through time and space, one may receive the healing effects of Reiki in the privacy of their own home in the physical absence of the practitioner. **Before the Session** A phone call, text, or email correspondence prior to treatment will introduce us to one another and help us to assess your healing goals, and create a treatment plan for your healing journey, if that is desired. At the time of the session, grab your laptop, tablet, cell phone, or use your PC and find a comfortable spot to sit or lay down- free from distractions, play gentle meditation or healing music (healing frequency music may be found on Spotify or YouTube), use your own crystals (if you have any), and visualize yourself in safe place where you feel happy. You will be sent a ZOOM invite link prior to the session. Connect to ZOOM, relax, and be open to the healing energy. **What to do after receiving Reiki** After the session, I will send an email with after-session feedback concerning the energy work that was performed, provide information concerning your individual energy pattern that includes a Chakra chart, self-love practices that will further assist in Chakra balancing and clearing of energy field, intuitive feedback, and images of the oracle cards picked during the session. After receiving Reiki, drink plenty of water to aid in the detox of any negative energy that has been released from the body during the session. Some people may experience mild flu-like symptoms after Reiki due to the cleansing power of the healing energy that stirs up movement of stagnant energy. If any emotions arise, acknowledge them, express them (verbally or in a journal)- making allowance for them to be released. Your body is ridding itself of stored unprocessed emotions that are not in harmony with your unique energetic blueprint- which might be the cause of acute and chronic illness, anxiety, depression, stress, injuries, relationship troubles, financial problems, family issues, low self-esteem, addictions, weight gain, unhealthy patterns and habits, feeling disconnected from God, self, and others, not knowing your life-purpose, shame, guilt, burdens, threat, heartache and betrayal, anger, resentment, powerlessness, fear, and more. Receive support in healing yourself on all levels with Reiki. Schedule your ZOOM Distant Reiki session today.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please give at least 24 hours notice. If there is a failure to call or show up to the appointment, there will be no rescheduling. Thank you.

Contact Details


Tranquil Heart, 505 Lexington Avenue, Rochester, NY, USA

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